• October 04, 2023, 09:54:19 pm
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Latest donator: DarkSlayer

Donate now and receive awesome benefits and keeping the server alive and progressive!

Donator Benefits

For those who are interested to donate, we are now open and this is also to help our server to be maintained and keeping it alive from being a progressive one, and for you to be given the list of benefits you should donate for atleast ( $5 ) and above, we will still receive lower than the required amount, however you won't able to get the perks listed below, and of course for the ones who have donated will receive donator perks and this are the following beneficiaries will be given:

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A Donator Rank will be given for them to be identified as a donator

- Exclusive Skins for donators
- Permanent VIP status ingame
- Global chat with donator rank included ( use /say)
- 50% discount in every ammunation purchases
- Permanent voice will be given in IRC
- Exclusive VIP chat ( /vc )
- 20% discount for every vehicle purchase
- Timer for teleportation from 5 seconds it will be only 3 seconds.
- Heal reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.

VIP Benefits

- All commands are free. ( All commands are free except /buyveh and /buyvip )
- Discount on VIP purchase, if the duration is more than 15 days.
- Free armour using /getarm. ( You can get the free armour at the Ammunation, Downtown )
- Discount on vehicles purchases. ( You will get few ECD off depending on the vehicle cost )
- Access to custom skin. ( You are allowed to spawn with the special skins )
- Access to /vchat. ( Access to talk with other VIPs, only VIPS can see the message )
- Additional $200 reward per kill. ( You will get $600 per kill instead of $400 for normal players )

Note: When to donate kindly include your ingame name within the the "Message" field of the transaction for us to know and note to all that we only accept PayPal.